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COVID Screening Questions

We are reopening our offices again shortly and just curious as to what others are doing in regards to the daily covid screening of employees? We are conducting a survey through survey monkey however that is manual to pull results each day.  Also, I don't see that the screening questions have been updated yet from 14 days to 10 days, unless I am overlooking that! Thank you

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  1. Kim Hatzinger

    Mar. 5, 2021

    All Hamilton College employees have been using an app by Emocha (developed through Johns Hopkins) to answer the daily questions since August of 2020. That way, we know if someone has been exposed, or has symptoms. Then we can address it right away. It carries a reasonable monthly per person charge. We add new hires and remove terms via file to Emocha.

  2. Christine McClean

    Mar. 5, 2021

    Legal Aid Society of Mid-New York, Inc. is using a daily (M-F) automated questionnaire with pre-loaded customized questions for employees to respond to. In addition, we are using a questionnaire for our clients to respond to as well.

    1. Melody Nelson Jenkins

      Mar. 5, 2021

      We have been fortunate enough to continue operating the business throughout the entire Covid situation. Here's what we did: - We restricted entrances - installed an electronic temperature face reading device - placed the recommended postings near the entrances (Ex: If you have any of the following symptoms...; If you have been exposed to a positive person within the last 14 days...; if you have traveled, have you been tested upon your return... etc.) - postings also include reinforcement of the 6ft distance requirement & mask requirement - our entrances also offer masks to all employees & visitors - We have a wonderful maintenance crew that contently cleans and disinfects surfaces several times daily. We have also asked some of our office staff to help by disinfecting there work areas, finger print scanners, copiers, etc... our line employees are required to incorporate an extra cleaning process at the end of each shift. Everyone takes part in the effort to maintain safety. In regards to the 14 day vs 10 day quarantine - although we have had some dr's notes state that only a 10 day quarantine may be necessary, it's our policy to maintain a 14 day quarantine period to be cautious. Hope this helps.

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