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Vaccine Status

Are employers allowed to ask if staff members have received COVID -19 vaccines?

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HR Document Retention in New York State

I am looking for a HR Document Retention in New York State chart.

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Multi-State Employer v. Sick Leave Laws

How do NYS employers, with employees in multiple states, monitor/administer the specific state's sick leave for employees in that state? How do you track?

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Looking to get some feedback from MVSHRM members and the business community on what’s going on in your organizations, so we can start to tailor our content to your needs.

  1. How do you define Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in your organization?
  2. What DE&I hurdles have you encountered?
  3. What positively differentiates your organization from others, in terms of DE&I? (i.e. best practices, policies, etc.…)

Have you held any Diversity events for your organization? And do you have a preferred vendor you use for events/training?

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Required Vaccine

Can client companies require employees from their vendor companies to be vaccinated before allowing them back on their work site?

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Human Resources Audit

I'm looking to conduct an audit of our HR policies and procedures. Can anyone recommend a company in this area?

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Meal Periods

How do you manage the meal period requirement for exempt employees?

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