MVSHRM Award for Human Resource Excellence

Effective 1/1/20, the former bi-annual awards of either Ursula Flagg Award for Excellence in Human Resources or the Lynda Ford Award for Lifetime Achievement in Human Resources have been combined to become one award, the annual MVSHRM Award for Human Resource Excellence.  We decided to streamline our awards process by capturing the essence of their foundation, the unwavering dedication to excellence in Human Resources which was demonstrated each day by our former MVSHRM leaders, Ursula Flagg and Lynda Ford, and create one award that moved forward with this ideal. 

The MVSHRM Award for Human Resource Excellence will be awarded to either an individual or an organization that represents the best in Human Resource practices and through their application has proven to demonstrate unwavering dedication in Human Resources.  This could be demonstrated through one or more factors such as contributions, commitment, ethical standards, extraordinary service, passion, strategic application, etc. which has resulted in making a difference, inspiring others, change management, etc. to achieve the end result excellence in Human Resources.   

If you are interested in nominating yourself, another individual, your organization or another place of business, complete and return the Nomination Form and the answers to the applicable questions (individual or organization) no later than June 15, 2020; OPEN BOTH LINKS for full package: Nomination QuestionsNomination Form

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