Legislative Updates

Other Legislative Announcements

IRS - IRS launches new Tax Withholding Estimator; posted 8/6/19: Click Here

BOND - Recent NY Legislation Prohibits Employers from Threatening to Report an Employee's Suspected Immigration Status in Retaliation for Labor Law Complaints; posted 8/1/19: Click Here 

BOND - NY Amends the Human Rights Law to Prohibit Discrimination Based on Traits Historically Associated with Race (such as Hair Texture and Protective Hairstyles); posted 8/1/19: Click Here

BOND - Federal Court Holds that NY Law Prohibiting Mandatory Arbitration of Sexual Harassment Claims is Invalid; posted 7/17/19: Click Here

BOND - New York Prohibits Salary History inquiries and Expands Equal Pay Claims; posted 7/12/19: Click Here

Jackson-Lewis - Mid-Year Outlook for Employers; posted 7/12/19: Click Here

Barclay-Damon -  Me Too Continues Gaining Momentum as NYS Legislature Passes New Employment Discrimination Protections; posted 7/12/19: Click Here

Jackson-Lewis - New York Adopts Laws Aimed at Combatting Salary Inequality and Race Discrimination; posted 7/12/19: Click Here

Legislative Updates

2019 - Legislative Update - June

NYS Election Law - time to vote

2019 - Legislative Update - March

US DOL Proposes New OT Rule

2019 - Legislative Update - February

NYS - Employee Scheduling Regulations

2019 - Legislative Update - January

NYS Paid Family Leave; Gov. Vetoes NYS Bereavement Leave Legislation: NYS adds Sexual Harassment Prevention Materials.

Legislative Update - October 2018

Sexual Harassment Prevention and Paid Family Leave Updates.

Legislative Update - August 2018

Update includes NYS Sexual Harassment Prevention Policy & Training Materials Draft information and feedback due by 9/12/18.

Legislative Update - April 2018

Legislative Update for April, 2018 - Federal Gov't Omnibus Spending Bill

Legislative Update - February 2018

Paid Family Leave, Links to websites, YouTube videos, and Worker's Comp. webinars

Legislative Update - December 2017

NY Wage Increases (Minimum for Fast Food EE, Exempt Salary Level Minimum); Update for PFL; Proposed Call-In/On-Call/Just In Time Scheduling

Legislative Update - November 2017

Legislative Update - November, 2017 - OT Rule and NYS Paid Family Leave (Update - Forms)

Legislative Update - September 2017

Overtime Rule (Update); I-9 Form effective 9/18/17; and NYS Paid Family Leave

Legislative Update - August 2017

Legislative update for August 2017, Paid Family Leave


Legislative Blast - November 2016 which includes information on the OT Rule in effect 12/1/16

SHRM - More Questions About the Overtime Rule Answered - 11/7/16

SHRM Weekly 11/7/16 article by Allen Smith, J.D. regarding Overtime Rule effective 12/1/16.